Letter From The President – March 2009

Letter From The President – March 2009

Dear Curler,
As we move towards April, we prepare to shed April showers of tears as the season comes to an end…
Unfortunately my work commitments at the rink mean I am unable to attend the AGM, so this is my President’s report.

As you know I decided when I took over as President that it would be a good idea to communicate more regularly than once a year, and thanks very much for all the people who have told me that they have enjoyed my missives.
Some people have told me that they haven’t enjoyed them, which is also fair enough!

I had two main objectives for the year when I took over.
The first was that since the previous committee had all stepped down with the exception of Jules and myself, it was important to get the leagues running and administered.
That’s the prime reason for the club existing, and the feedback I have received has been that things have worked well – Lizzie in particular has done a superb job as Games Secretary with no prior experience at all, and Jo has used her bean counting knowledge to keep the treasurer side of things under control.

My second objective was to get 50 new players on board. I have long insisted the ECA should set this kind of target, and was a touch disappointed that when our target was read out at their AGM, it was met with sniggers.
However, I can report that we have had the best part of 40 new players taking part. Not all of them have become members, but it’s a great figure in my book, showing what can be done by setting a target and working towards it.

The Open League in particular saw a lot of new faces from earlier in the season who wanted to join the league structure, and to have club players come up to me and ask who various people were is something to be welcomed as it indicates growth.

The rink supported the club by allowing us to display our leaflets and posters, on which Adam had done a great job. He also arranged the range of club clothing which has proved very popular, so well done to Adam for that.
The rink also supported the club by increasing the discount on ice fees, despite a huge rise in electricity costs which meant a rise in the rate for private bookings.

The club had success for members at national level, with 8 regular players winning in the Ladies, Mens and Mixed events.
We also had club players play for England in the Mens and Womens Europeans, the European Mixed Doubles, and we also provided the first ever England girls junior team.

All in all I think it has been a good season, with members enjoying some good curling – that’s what the club is about and I would like to thank the committee for their work and their support of me as I took on the President role with somewhat of a bull in a china shop approach.

This is my last President’s letter – not just of the season, but as President.
Many of you know I have expressed many views on how I think the sport could be moved forward, and my views about how the ECA should operate as national governing body are so at odds with what actually happens, that I no longer feel it appropriate for me to President of an ECA member club.

As a consequence I am stepping down as President, effective at the end of the AGM.
Having told the committee of my decision, Jo Ostermeyer has been serving as Vice President, and is nominated to take over as President at the end of the AGM.
I join the other members of the committee in giving Jo my full support, as I’m sure you all do too.

I hope you have a good summer, thanks again for your kind words. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me or any member of the committee. My personal email is gordon@gordonbryan.com

I’ll sign off by wishing you health, happiness and good curling!

Gordon Bryan
SECC President 2008/9


Club AGM on Saturday 4th April

Dear fellow curlers,

As the season draws to a close there is one final event that I hope you are all aware of and that’s the club’s Annual General Meeting.

The AGM will be taking place at 4pm on Saturday 4th April and it’s very important that you try to come along if you are interested in how the club will be run next season. Is the best opportunity to have your say about what you like and what you feel needs improving at the club.

Will there be a chance to curl?

Yes. We have 1 sheet booked at 2pm. Depending on numbers we will either run a social game or run a fun mini-points competition.

Who can attend the AGM?

Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting. However, you need to have joined the club in order to have a vote (if you are unsure whether you are a club member then please contact us and we can sort this out).

The committee elections

Just to remind you, we are looking for members with a keen interest in how the club is run to step forward and join the committee for next season. In particular, we are looking for enthusiastic members to fill the following positions on the committee that will become vacant at the end of this season:

1. Vice-President
2. Secretary
3. Marketing Officer
4. Committee member without portfolio

Please reply if you are interested in helping your club in this way. Even if you can’t make the AGM you can still volunteer. We can’t stress enough how important it is for members to volunteer for the committee because without the committee there would be no club. The full committee has 9 people on it so the amount of effort is pretty low once it is divided amongst all these people.

Other business for the AGM?

If you have issues that you would like to be discussed at the meeting that are not in the agenda then it’s best if you send these before Saturday so that we can schedule these in.


The AGM will give use a chance to hand over the trophies to the winners of this season’s club competitions. Please come a celebrate these achievements.

Many thanks and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday, if not, have a great summer,

Adam on behalf of the
SECC Committee

Letter From The President 12th Feb 2009

Letter From The President 12th Feb 2009

As we eat into February it has been a busy season as ever for the club and its’ members.

Club member Tom Jaeggi played in the England Men’s team skipped by Andrew Reed, while Suzie Law was part of the Kirsty Balfour 5 that retained their position in the A Division in Europe, narrowly missing out on a spot in the World Championships.
The team also played in the Glynhill International in Scotland and made people sit up and take notice, giving Canadian Jennifer Jones’s current World Champs a good game.

Straight after New Year Anna Fowler skipped her team of Sophie Hickling, Kate MacKenzie, Naomi Robinson and Hettie Garnier as the first ever England Junior Women’s Team.
This was in Denmark for the European Challenge, and they won their first game against Slovakia.
It was a great learning experience for them, and they have already set up a squad training programme with their coach Ian Baxter.

In the recent English Nationals at Greenacres there were plenty of SECC members playing – and winning!
Suzie Law played in Team Balfour to take the women’s title, while Jamie Malton skipped his team of Michael Opel, Henry Carter and Keith Wilson to take the men’s.

The Mixed League has finished with the win going to John Brown’s team.
Speaking of John Brown, his Jubilee Novice trophy is the next club minispiel.
He started this to celebrate his 25 years back in English Curling. As someone who started playing 3 years ago, it’s my last chance to skip a team in this and I’d love to win it as a nod to John’s work.
To skip you must have played 3 years or less, and each team must contain 2 players of 3 years or less.
The other players can be more experienced but they must play front end, so they don’t skip by ‘proxy’!

This takes place on Mar 7th so let Lizzie know if you’d like to take part.

The rink’s Sunday Social takes place on Feb 22nd. A tournament from 10-4 of the friendly variety, with lunch thrown in for £20 it’s a great way for club members to meet the other regular rink players and vice versa, so let me know if you are interested in that – again novices more than welcome to enter individually.

Talking of novices, it is great to note that we are now around the 30 mark for new players in club matches, and the Open league has shown many of them to people for the first time.
I will say that I have had a couple of novices come up to me and say their enjoyment is being lessened by people watching them like a hawk and criticising their bad shots.
Giving advice is great, it’s how I learnt a bucket load, but let’s be careful to nurture the brand new players, and not scare them off!
It’s a bit like hooting your horn at a learner driver – we were all learners once, so hands off your hooters.

Congratulations to Adam Bermange and Anna Terry who tied the knot on Feb 8th – Adam is already saying his new ring is playing havoc with his delivery (that’s his story anyway).

I think that’s about it – no doubt I will think of something else as soon as I hit send, but for now as ever I wish you,

Health, Happiness and Good Curling,


SECC Members Playing For England!

There are 2 SECC members in international England action this week at the European Curling Champs in Sweden.

Tom Jaeggi is playing in the England team skipped by Andrew Reed, while Suzie Law is the alternate player for Kirsty Balfour’s Women in the A league.
That means they’ll be playing all the best European nations, with a berth in the Worlds up for grabs!

Good luck to the teams and to Tom and Suzie!

Sam Fowler Wins Great Gordino Classic II

Nov 22nd saw the 2nd Great Gordino Classic, held at http://www.fentonsrink.co.uk

The mini bonspiel saw some competitive play, with the round robin format allowing bye teams to watch the action, and see the table change positions.

In the end the winning team was skipped by Sam Fowler, with Ian Baxter playing 3rd Allison Barr at 2, and Gary Tapp at lead. Gary is one of our ultra keen newbies, and this was only around his 5th time of playing, so an extra well done to him in addition to congratualations to Sam and the rest of his team.

Winning team’s photo to come.

SECC Players Take Masters Title

L-R Jamie Malton (skip), Michael Opel, Henry Carter, Kerr Alexander

L-R Jamie Malton (skip), Michael Opel, Henry Carter, Kerr Alexander

Players from the SECC took the title of Glenfarclas English Masters, in the big curling in England tournament this year.
Held over the 25th/26th Oct at Fenton’s Rink in Kent, the tournament was keenly fought in a round robin format.
As it happened the last round started with 3 teams in contention, and the winning team was decided on the very last stone – always the sign of a good contest!
Congratulations to the winners, pictured around the Glenfarclas Still trophy:

New Members

We have already handed out loads of leaflets this season to people at the rink who have expressed interest in curling again.

If you’ve received a leaflet, we are a friendly bunch who always welcome new players.

Friendly advice offered, with opportunities to play as much or as little as you wish with no obligation.

If you’d like to know more, then contact us via our contact page!


President, SECC