What Is Curling/I’d Like To Try

Welcome to our club

Curling is a challenging sport based around a very simple idea.
Slide a stone down a sheet of ice and have it stop as near the centre of a set of rings, called the house.

Your opposition will do everything tactically to stop you from achieving this goal, so the game contains elements of great skill, strategy, finesse, exertion and endeavour.

The perception that curling is a slow-paced game is just that, a perception.

Fairness is an important part of the game and you shall not be surprised if your opponent points out to you that they have broken the rules just to make sure that no advantage is given.

Beginners take to the ice

If You’d Like To Come Along And Try…

Anyone is more than welcome to come along on a club night and watch, say hello and get to know us.
The rink where we play is purpose built with a viewing area and licensed bar.

Even better to have a go!
There is no age restriction, and all equipment is provided, including footwear.
You just need to wear warm loose clothing, we suggest layers.
Training and supervision is provided, and brand new players can be enjoying the game in less than 20 minutes!

There are plenty of slots for total novices – you will be made more than welcome, it’s a friendly sport and a friendly bunch of folks!

Just email us – southofenglandcurlingclub@googlemail.com

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