Corporate Cup and other exciting events

Hi all,

Hope you’re enjoying the start of the curling season.  If you’ve already rejoined the club then it’s great to have you back.  However, if you’re still undecided then here are some club events that we’ve planned and we hope you’ll be interested in taking part in.

The Corporate Cup

On Saturday 28th November we will be holding The Corporate Cup, a competition that gives you a chance to introduce your workmates to the wonderful world of curling.  Please, take a look at the attached flyer and get in touch with James Gibb with your teams.

The ECA Weekend

On the weekend of 14th-15th November the English Curling Association will be holding a weekend of coaching activities.  These are aimed at curlers who are at an intermediate level and are looking to improve their game with some expert advice.  It should be an exciting event and John Brown will be in contact very soon to give you some more details.

Special Coaching Clinic

On Sunday 6th December we will be hosting a special curling clinic with a world class coach aimed at the more experienced curlers.  Ian Baxter is finalising the details and we’ll let you know more soon.

Club Bonspiel

On the weekend of 30th-31st January the club will be putting on a bonspiel.  We’ll be letting you know much more about it nearer the time.

That’s all for now.  Hope there’s something there that interests you.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best wishes,



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