Changes for next season

Dear SECC members,

We’ve had a couple of emails expressing a degree of confusion about the league arrangements for next season so we thought we should send an explanation of the changes in questions and answer form.

Who sent the application form I received earlier this week?

This was sent by Lizzie but on behalf of the rink rather than on behalf of the SECC.

Do I have to become a Rink Member?

If you want to play in competitions at Fenton’s Rink and pay the reduced ice fee, which will remain at £12 a game, then you must become a Rink Member. In previous seasons your membership to the SECC included Rink membership and this was paid on your behalf. However, from next season you will pay your Rink membership directly to the Rink. This is what the application form sent by the Rink is for and we urge you to complete and return it to the Rink by 31st May if you want to play there next season.

Who will be running the leagues and social games next season?

Whereas in previous seasons the SECC organised all league and non-league games on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and also the monthly league and several mini-bonspiels on Saturdays, from next season the equivalent games calendar will be directly organised by Fenton’s Rink so these will be Rink competitions rather than Club competitions. In practical terms this means not a lot will change except that you will be paying the Rink your ice fees and not the Club and the Rink, not the Club, will be responsible to putting the teams together, scheduling games, setting the rules, etc.

Do I need to join the SECC next season?

We hope that you will continue to support us by joining the SECC but the new format does mean that you do not have to. We have some exciting ideas as to what the club can do to promote and encourage Curling. If you have any suggestions about what you would like the SECC to offer you, then please email us. In the meantime, we urge you to indicate you might be interested in joining the SECC on you Rink Membership Application; this is non-binding.

For those wishing to participate in any national competitions run by the English Curling Association or to have a vote at their meeting then you will need to join an ECA-affiliated club such as the SECC.

How much will it cost to become a member of the SECC?

We have not had a chance to set our subscription rates for next season but they will of course be lower than last year because we will no longer be collecting the Rink Membership fee.

Can I join the SECC without joining the Rink?

If you don’t wish to play at Fenton’s Rink but would still like to join the SECC, for example to play in the ECA Nationals, then you are welcome to do that and you should send an email to our Secretary Susan Young (

Will junior curlers still get to play for £7 a game?

This special subsidy for juniors was funded by the SECC in previous seasons because we paid the rink the same price for a sheet of ice regardless of who was playing on it. However, as the Rink will be collecting ice fees directly, it is now entirely up to them what they wish to charge juniors. The Rink are definitely offering a membership fee of just £2 to juniors though.

We hope these answers help to clarify the situation. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions about the club and please enjoy your summer,

The SECC Committee


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