Committee Update Dec 09

As we lurch towards 2009, I hope you have all enjoyed the season so far.

We’ve had a minispiel won by Sam Fowler, a points competition won by Ivan Zadorozny, and Jamie Malton skipped to the English Masters title.
Gary Tapp won the 1st Santa Claus Bonspiel, media coverage of which went around the world.
Congratulations to club regular Suzie Law, who was in the England Ladies fivesome that kept their status on the European A League, taking the notable scalp of Germany in the process!
Unlucky to Karen Strang who lost in the final of the Scottish Mixed Doubles.
Also to Tom Jaeggi and John Brown who had a testing time along with Andrew Reed’s England men.
Good luck to Anna Fowler’s squad of Naomi Robinson, Hetty Garnier, Kate McKenzie and Sophie Hickling as they become the first England junior girls team, playing in Denmark in the New Year.

We’ve seen lots of new people playing at club events this season, and hopefully that will continue into the 2nd half. With our target of 50 new players, we must be around the 20 plus mark, (much check with Lizzie!).

Speaking of new players, January 18th is a Come & Try day at the rink. This is a joint affair, with the rink providing the ice, and hopefully the club providing people to be there on the day to welcome new players, explain what we offer etc, and generally show the club’s face. Let me know if you’d like to help out.

I think the committee has done a good job with the season so far, from all the work done over the summer, to the maintenance efforts of games sessions.

Lizzie is doing a great first season job as Games Sec, and the clothing that Adam had done is seen regularly at the rink.

Jo has kept a firm rein as treasurer, but is not well at the moment, so I’m sure you’ll join me in sending her all good wishes.
Jo will probably not play for the rest of the season, and the treasurer duties will be taken up by others.

On that note, we are still having people turn up to play, and then saying they have no money to pay.
There is a simple solution to this, please bring money with you! It is not fair on the people that have to chase up for money and keep records, etc.
Particularly with the treasurer job being taken up by others, show consideration to what the committee members do on a voluntary basis, and turn up ready to pay if you play!

The Open League for the 2nd half of the season is bursting with new players, and should be great fun, hopefully the new players will continue to receive the warm welcome that they have done so far, great to see as always.

As for January, Sat 31st sees our 2nd points comp of the season, put your name down with Lizzie, and Sun 25th is the Local League at the rink. More and more club players are choosing to play in this event, a tournament from 10 til 4 with a buffet lunch, for £20. Relative beginners get a great taste of competitive curling at the Sunday Tournaments, so let the rink know if you’d like to play on Jan 25th.

I think that’s it for now, so I’ll wish you a Happy New Year to you and yours, and good curling in 2009!
See you on the ice!

‘Til Next Time,



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