Message From ECA Secretary

Hi All,

John Brown as ECA Sec. asked that we pass on a message to our club members, here it is:

Dear All

When replying please reply to

I know that you have already had a response from your Area Representative on the ECA (James Hustler) to the information in the recent newsletter from your President of the SECC about the recent ECA AGM and the constitutional changes which were carried through at that meeting.

I would like to clarify the situation regarding one of Gordon’s paragraphs – he states the following:

“My main debate about these changes is that it was pointed out to me that the ECA constitution was not followed, and as such the changes were invalid. The ECA has responded that because no one protested at the meeting the changes are valid.”

I am not sure who has alleged that the Constitution was not followed but I presume they were at the AGM to infer that this was the case and if they were they raised no objection at the time.

For clarification the clause which it is alleged was not followed states:

Para 3.3 (ii) “Proposed constitutional changes, without prior notice, may be dealt with if two-thirds of all eligible votes are present and with unanimous consent.”

There were 14 out of 21 eligible votes present at the meeting.

It was made quite clear at the relevant point in the AGM that the proposals which were about to be discussed had arisen from the Council meeting a few hours earlier and that they would now be voted upon. No objections were raised and so unanimous consent of the 14 voters present was assumed.

The ECA is satisfied that the constitution was followed and that therefore the proposed changes to the constitution are valid and are adopted into the constitution as per Rule 13.1 of the Constitution. They will therefore apply until amended at any future AGM.

It is the right of any member of the ECA to propose a motion at an ECA AGM to change any rule of the ECA.

Please also note that on Sunday 5th October when I believe there is an opening bonspiel at Fenton’s Rink, the ECA will be present with a roadshow highlighting the work which the ECA does and which it hopes to do in the future. I believe that we are in a time of great change in English curling and the ECA look forward to working with all of its member clubs to provide what is best for the future of the sport in England. The changes to the constitution which were made at the AGM in June reflect some of the comments which were received in the Review Questionnaires and more of those outcomes will be acted upon in the near future.

And finally, one other constitutional change which was adopted at the AGM was that there would be two Council members from each area – as you know James Hustler is currently one of those Council members for the South. If there is anybody else who would like to take on the second position please get in touch with your Club President or Secretary.

John Brown


English Curling Association


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