Letter from the President # 5 and a half

Letter From The President #5 and a half – 13th June 2008

Dear Fellow Curler,

I everything is ok with you.

Right then, here is some more info following the ECA AGM on Sunday in Sheffield.

Details for ECA competitions were announced:

InterClub will be at Kelso, 11th & 12th October 2008.
2 rinks required from SECC and London.
Hopefully the SECC will be playing Glendale, London and Preston for a trophy this year.
The winner will enter a rink into the RCCC Province Champs in Nov. 08.
Closing date for the InterClub is 31st August.

Mixed Doubles will also be at Kelso at the same time as the InterClub.
This will find our team for the World Champs in Mar 09
Closing date 31st Aug

Seniors will be at Murrayfield, 7th-9th Nov 08
Closing date 31st Aug

ECA Mens & Womens will be at Greenacres, 6th-8th Feb 2009
Closing date 30th Nov 08.

ECA Mixed will be at Fenton’s 28th Feb-2nd Mar 2009
Closing date 30th November.

If you’d like to take part in the InterClub then let us know, and feel free to start getting your teams together for the other events.
Remember the forum has a section for teams/players required.

The other proposal put forward at the AGM which I want to cover was to have an associate membership of the ECA, costing £10.
This would not give you voting rights or allow you to play in ECA Championships, for that you would have to pay the ordinary member rate of £23.
The constitution will be changed, and the wording that says a social member of a club pays zero ECA sub will be removed.
This means that every SECC member, whether ordinary, social playing or social non playing, will be required to pay this £10 sub.

I abstained the club’s votes on this. I had no advance knowledge of the proposal, and did not feel in the timeframe that I could make a considered enough opinion.
I was well aware that this would affect the members of the club, and since I could not consult the members or even the committee, I wanted the record to show an abstention.

I would much rather this had been a voluntary option which would leave the onus on the ECA to persuade people of the virtues of joining, and said so.
It was put back to me that every member of the club was enjoying benefits of the ECA already, mainly through DAP funding, and that they should therefore be paying.

Any views of mine at this point would be personal, since the committee haven’t met since this AGM.
We are discussing between us various options as a result, which may include the ECA waiving this sub for new members we recruit.
Indeed there is still some clarification about ECA constitutional technicalities, so I will leave a more ‘official’ viewpoint until the committee has properly discussed the changes we will have to make.

Feel free to email us your view – it will be read by the whole committee, and views are most welcome.
Bear in mind as I mentioned earlier in the week, I feel it’s fair comment that the ECA council has made some definite steps to take on board previous comments from members, and that the council is comprised of fellow curlers who fill the positions voluntarily at great effort.
Remember for example that there are people needed to take on several roles for the ECA and anyone is welcome to volunteer.
Anyone who feels strongly that the ECA should be doing ‘this’ or ‘that’, is free to put a proposal via the new 1 member 1 vote policy, or they can put their hand up to offer their services.

I guess I covered my overall view in the previous letter, which is posted on the website with other latest news items.

Ok, that’s it for now I reckon!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness & a good tee weight!


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