Letter From The President # 4 – 29th May 2008

Letter From The President #4 – 29th May 2008

Dear Fellow Curler,
I hope everything is well with you – I know that a lot of members are now starting to take part in summer bonspiels, so don’t forget to keep us updated!
A diary on the forum would be a great read, and I can put pics on the club website if you want.

The club committee met this week.
Again we are big steps forward.
I’ll keep this letter on the brief side (although don’t hold me to it), because you need to stand by your inboxes.

The games calendar is done – teams, draw dates, the lot.
Lizzie has done a great job on this, to have it ready within 2 months of the season end is something the previous committee took steps to achieve, and for it to be done is a great achievement as it allows us to focus on refinements from there.
After a dotting a couple of t’s and crossing some i’s, it will be be hotfooted to you.

Our DAP funding spend is coming along nicely too. We were awarded another $800, so that’s $2000 in all we obtained in the last 2 months, and it will all be spent towards club development, and our season target.
The DAP funding comes from the WCF, and we are now into the next year’s worth of available funds, a possible $12000 for English curling, so if anyone has ideas about things we could be doing, feel free to let us know!

Treasurer Jo has fleshed out our sponsorship proposal, and this will also be available shortly for any member to send to anyone they think might be a potential sponsor, another move to allow the whole membership to contribute to growth.

She also made an appearance on local radio in Maidstone, talking about her catching the curling bug, with several plugs for the club and the rink.
It’s well within our catchment area, and is densely populated, so I’d love to see more curlers from that part of the world.
Again, if you see any opportunies for promotion that you think would be good for the club, let us know.
People are already doing this, so the more the merrier.

I will be going to the ECA AGM in Sheffield. I won’t be speaking to the AGM, as there is no precedent for it if I’m not proposing a motion.
Instead, I will aim to talk to as many people there as possible, the other club Presidents and the Council members.
I aim to ask them what was done over the previous 12 months to develop the game, and what the plans are for the next 12 months.
This will hopefully allow me to get a greater understanding of anything I wasn’t previously, and also means that everyone who maybe doesn’t know much of the SECC will be fully aware of our plans, and can compare/integrate with any ECA initiatives.
There are undoubtedly council members who don’t have the faintest idea who I am, but they soon will…

Ok, don’t forget to check the 6th Sep for the BBQ, and along with the games details, you’ll be getting membership forms to sign, and the members’ directory is not too far away either.
I imagine I’ll find an excuse to write along with that lot, I normally do, so will sign off until then.

Ooh, before I go, speaking of the directory, what we would like is to have people who are prepared to do station pick ups, and can be listed as such.
Until now this had been organised by James in his Games Sec role, but this will not be the case next season.
I know a lot of local members expressed interest in helping club logistics, and a non commital offer of station pickups would certainly help.
Please let us know if you feel you could do this.

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness
P.S. Don’t forget the website for news updates and archives:


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