Letter From The President #3 – 8th May 2008

Letter From The President #3 – 8th May 2008

Dear Fellow Curler,I hope this missive finds you well, and enjoying the sunny weather – it could well be the official sumer of 2008, so enjoy it while it lasts!The club committee met this week.
We made lots of good progress.

Lizzie has been slaving over a hot spreadsheet, and the games schedule should probably be released by the end of the month.
It may dribble over into early June, but that’s the sort of timescale we’re looking at.

Adam has been working away at ways to use our DAP funding for promotion, so that is progressing nicely.

We also had some other ideas, which we will see how they develop.

Ernest was able to accept our invitation to join the meeting.
It was productive to have him there – there is now clear, clean and open communication between the club and the rink, and that’s the way it will remain.

If anyone wants to ask Ernest about anything, just ask him!
He loves the sport and loves to talk about it (a good deal!), so feel free to approach him.

Or, as ever, you can approach any member of the committee.
If you don’t know who the committee members are, you can find out via the website.

Speaking of which, (ooh, good link) the website has changed slightly.
It is now using a blogging format, which basically means that any committee member can update it, and visitors can also leave comments – this will lead to a speedier and more updated site during the season.
Go and take a peek at: http://www.southofenglandcurlingclub.com

Regarding the club junior section next season, we do have a serious issue about having people available to take the sessions.
I would ask any member who feels they would be able to take sessions between 6 -7.45 on Tuesdays to get in touch, geared more towards the newer junior members.
We will also aim to get the juniors playing more with the adults, as it helps everyone’s game.

On a related subject, Ernest will be holding a ‘coach the coaches’ session early in the season.
This will cost in the region of £20, and will certify you as being able to take beginners onto the ice.
You coud then take some junior sessions once the relevant checks are done.
It also allows you to take adult beginners, and I can tell you from personal experience that once you take newbies, it proves to you how much you know yourself, and makes a big psychological boost to your game!

The ECA is holding its AGM on 8th June in Sheffield.
Any ECA member is welcome to attend.
I will be going to represent the club, so pass on any views you may have!
Due to James’ membership status between the POL and SECC, he is not eligible to be a club rep, not a proxy for other club reps.
It has been arranged that I will now be proxy for the club reps, but we do need another club rep in James’ stead.
You wouldn’t need to go to Sheffield, just be indentified as club rep.
Please let us know asap if you feel you could do this.

Before I sign off for now, a couple of follow ups from last time.

People will not lose out with our new payment schedule if they hold still valid books of tickets.
That amount will simply be taken off your games dues.
Also, we will still be running the books of tickets, but only for social ice, not league or weekend events.

Also, some people have told me that a target of 50 new regular curlers is ‘ambitious’.
I like ambitous.
Ambitious is the way to drive forward.
We may not get to the target, but we will be having a proper crack at it.
The swingometer of 85%-15% non club to club bookings is not where I want it to stay, and with the enthusiasm of the committee and support from members and the rink, I intend us to eat into that difference!

The summer weather does bring BBQ to mind, so please note that the club BBQ is now being held Sat September 6th.
That is a change of date, so make sure you have it jotted down as Sep 6th.

Ok, that’s it for now!
‘Til Next Time,



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