Letter From The President #2 – 16th April 2008

Letter From The President #2 – 16th April 2008

Dear Fellow Curler,
The committee held its’ first meeting yesterday with the new line up.
A productive affair, we set a lot of groundwork for the next season, and got various tasks in motion.
Lots of ideas generated, and we’ll have a good season ahead of us.

I put forward the idea of trying to get 50 new members next year, around 2 a week.
That would be a superb result in my view if we achieve it, since currently the regular curlers only number around 50!
To this end we applied to the WCF for some funding for promotion.
They have approved this request, and we are now funded to create a display at the rink next season to tap into the non club curlers.
Thanks to John Brown wearing his ECA hat for his help on that one.

The non club curlers make up 85% of the bookings at the rink compared to the club’s 15%, so it’s a hot potential market we should be tapping, and this funding will help a lot, allowing a focus point to direct people towards the potential of club curling.

In another step to fund growth/development, we are not going to offer the season ticket option next season.
This was costing the club a huge loss.
The money we took in from the season tickets, was outweighed by the cost of the ice used by season ticket holders – by several hundred pounds.
This is clearly an unsustainable position.

We are close to formulating the teams and booking ice.
If you haven’t yet returned your intentions forms, we are trying to chase up some stragglers, but be aware that in about a week’s time, the deed will be done, and you will have to go on the reserve list. We are already 11 days past our original deadline.

Once we’ve sorted the teams, we’ll be letting you know as soon as possible, and telling you how many games you will be playing.
You can then pay for them all upfront if that’s what you prefer, or set up a standing order with your bank to spread the payments.
This will make the paperwork less chaotic for the committee member that happens to be there on each night!

Some other changes I can tell you about another time, but I reckon that’s enough waffle for now.
Remember also you can email the committee by just hitting the reply button.

Til Next Time,
Don’t forget the http://www.englishcurlingforum.com


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